The Issue Is: Rep. Karen Bass, Larry Elder, Hasan Piker

On this program... An increasing number of Democratic members of Congress & presidential candidates are calling for President Trump to be Impeached. Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass of Los Angeles isn't one of them.

But, Bass said Congress needs more time to investigate before going down the Impeachment road.

Also... Larry Elder debates The Young Turks' Hasan Piker on "The Issue Is:"

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Conservative talk show host Larry Elder grew up hating his father. He was beaten by him, and never given much affection. After a verbal argument, they stopped talking. That lasted for ten years.

At 25 years old, Larry sat down to have a quick conversation with his dad for the first time in a decade. It lasted for 8 hours. That conversation is at the heart of his book, "A Lot Like Me: A Father & Son's Journey to Reconciliation."

We talk a lot about the book in this week's podcast extra.

And then... Hasan Piker is the youngest of the Young Turks. He's one of the most influential progressive commentators in all of social media. His commentaries are shared and seen by millions.

In this podcast extra, Hasan tells Elex Michaelson about growing up in Turkey. He felt repressed by the Turkish government but then was surprised by the racial realities in America when he moved here for college.

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