Modern dating culture with '#instalovers' author Andi Lew

Andi Lew wrote the new book "#instalovers: Digital dating, DM disasters & love stories," where she dives into the world of dating on apps and social media.

Modern dating means more options - lots of options. Potential love interests are only a swipe or DM away. Having too many choices can prevent people from settling down, as there may always be a better option just around the corner.

Dating multiple people at once has become the new norm, and Lew says you can't presume exclusivity when you start seeing someone.

She spent four years "undercover" doing research for the book, going through her own personal experiences to better understand dating culture in 2019 and how to turn texting into dates.

Lew also talks about how Instagram has become an unofficial dating platform. Going on a "liking spree" or sliding into someone's DMs are all part of the netiquette.

"Each time you upload a photo on your socials, you're sending a message or signal to potential partners who may be watching your moves in a bid to know when or if to pounce," she writes.

Lew says self-love and knowing what you bring to a relationship is how one gets their power back in the dating world.

Josh Metz, marketing director of Tinder, wrote the foreword for the book.

"Not only will Andi teach you how to 'swipe right for more than one night,' but she also teaches you how to be a better version of yourself," Metz writes.

Listen to the full episode with Andi Lew on Feb. 10!

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