Healthy eating and debunking diet myths with nutritionist Anna Baker

Anna Baker suffered from chronic fatigue for years.

It wasn't until the Sydney, Australia, native met an alternative doctor who cleaned up her diet that she began feeling better once and for all.

"She put me on the strictest raw food diet ever. I would never suggest it to anyone, but it's really what changed me, and I noticed how much you can change by what you put in," she said.

Baker is now living in Los Angeles helping others feel better and clean up their diet as well.

She's the founder and principal nutritionist for Nutrition Journey, LLC, a company that offers customized meal plans, assessments on one's specific nutritional needs, kitchen makeovers, healthy shopping tips and will even answer texts from clients about what to order off of a menu at a restaurant.

She joined me on Olympic & Bundy to talk about about her passion for nutrition, to debunk some common diet myths and more.

Our conversation covered topics such as:

-Eggs and Cholesterol: How many eggs can you eat safely?
-The health benefits of cooking certain vegetables versus eating them raw.
-If you're trying to lose weight, does it matter when you eat?
-Baby Boomers vs. Millennials when it comes to healthy eating.
-Her thoughts on juice cleanses.
-Gluten intolerance vs. celiac disease: What's the difference?
-Her tips on reading food labels to begin eating healthier (hint: look for added sugars).

Listen to the full conversation with Anna Baker here.

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