Chris Dorner: Badge of Dishonor: Lessons Learned

After a 10-day manhunt, rogue cop Christopher Dorner is cornered in a cabin in the popular resort community of Big Bear, California.

A shootout with law enforcement would leave another deputy dead.

Law enforcement used special gas canisters to try and remove Dorner and end the siege. With the cabin in flames and law enforcement closing in, a coroner's report showed that Dorner put a gun to his own head.

First came the Manifesto, then the Manhunt.

Joining us on this podcast series is:

FOX 11 host and reporter Hal Eisner, FOX 11 anchor/reporter Phil Shuman, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, FOX 11 anchor Laura Diaz, and FOX 11's managing editor Pete Wilgoren.

This is Episode 3: Lessons Learned