Women allegedly steal thousands of dollars in purses from Riverside Nordstrom Rack

Police in Riverside are searching for three women they say stole thousands of dollars in merchandise from a Nordrstom store and allegedly threatened store employees with scissors.

The robbery happened back on Monday, Oct. 10, according to the Riverside Police Department. Video shows three women — one in a purple sweatshirt with blue jeans, one in a beige sweater and beige pants and a third in a black top and blue jeans — grab several purses from the racks, before running out of frame. 

According to police, the women entered the store and headed directly for the high-ends bags. They allegedly used scissors to cut the anti-theft devices off the bags, and then allegedly used those same scissors to threaten store employees as they made their escape.

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All told, the women made off with approximately $3,000 in merchandise, RPD confirmed to FOX 11. Officials are still investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call the Riverside Police Department.