Woman breaks into Miracle Mile home and sleeps on the couch

A family was shocked when it found a stranger sleeping on the couch Wednesday morning.

The Boyers family said they have read about intruders coming into homes in the Miracle Mile area, but this was the first time they think it happened on their street. They said police told them this was common and that the intruders often take what they can from homes and leave.

But this stranger had a different idea -- she just wanted to take a nap.

Jake Boyer said his 3-year-old daughter woke up around 1:00 a.m. and saw a woman sleeping next to her grandmother on the couch.

He and his wife, Kate, called Los Angeles police to their home on Ridgeley Drive all while the grandmother was still sound asleep.

Sharon Boyer woke up to see six police officers.

"When I saw that they were pulling her up off the couch and bending her and twisting her arms back like that," Sharon told FOX 11's Leah Uko. "I'm going 'what are you doing?!'"

She was still in a daze.

"This other lady in the back, who then I thought was my daughter at that time, but was a policewoman, was going 'shhhh' and I'm thinking 'what the heck?'"

Then Sharon realized she didn't know this woman who was sleeping on the other end of the couch.

"I was never afraid. I was never in that place of being afraid of what was happening."

"She was actually really pleasant," Kate said about the woman. "She said that she lived close to our house, her name was Lisa, um I was talking to my husband saying, 'hey should I call the police?' And she was like 'yeah you can call the police' and went back to sleep."

Kate said "Lisa" walked through a side door they left open for parents if they wanted to get fresh air through the night.

"From now on, the doors are locked every single night with the alarm."

The family didn't press charges on the woman. They hoped she got the help she needed.

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