Will Smith hilariously 'vandalizes' Buckhead Library during filming break

Vandalism isn't usually something libraries are happy about, but for actor Will Smith they'll definitely make an exception.

Smith is in Atlanta filming the new movie "Bad Boys for Life," and over the weekend was on location at the Buckhead Library.

During a break, the actor noticed the library had a bunch of his movies in their collection, so he decided to do a bit of what he called "library vandalism."

Using a marker, Smith autographed all of his movies, including "Men in Black 2" and "Focus" and put them back into the shelves.

He even autographed movies that he wasn't in, including "The Karate Kid" remake featuring his son Jaden Smith.

"I produced it ... well I produced Jaden," he joked. "I did serious production work on this one."

All the autographs freaked out the film's location scout, but don't worry, Smith isn't in trouble.

Instead the library is thrilled, telling FOX 5 that they're going to add the films to the Fulton County Library System's special collection.

If you want to see all of Smith's vandalism, the DVDs are being displayed behind the front desk at Buckhead for a limited time.