Wednesday's Child: Olive is an expressive teen who wants to study neuroscience

Olive, who also goes by Olivia, is a 13-year-old whose current preferred pronouns are they/them. Olive understands that gender fluidity can be challenging for many, so they are also okay with being referred to as she/her. Olive is a young teen who is outgoing, expressive, and funny — and who is hoping to find a great fit in an adoptive family. We joined Olive at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach recently for a simpler mission — to find the right pumpkin for Olive!

Olive loves the visual arts, art and photography. Art isn’t the major they want to pursue in college, though. Olive wants to go into the medical field, more specifically neurology. Olive explains that while there are other specialties, they are fascinated by the brain because the brain is the gateway and command center that drives all else and tells the other systems in the human body what to do.

Olive describes themself as open, honest and expressive. They recognize that sometimes their expressions can be too strong or too direct for others, so at times Olive tries to self-monitor and soften their expressions. Olive shared that they have a knack for telling jokes and that they can riff with jokes one after another. Olive wants an outgoing, talkative, patient and understanding family with whom she can not only share jokes but can also have connective and intelligent conversations.

Tune in to Wednesday’s Child and watch Olive make their way through gourds of different shapes, sizes and colors – and hear more about who Olive is, from Olive. To learn more about adoption, call 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).