Wedding dress designer from Compton taking the fashion industry by storm

Glaudi Bridal is one to watch in the wedding dress word. Johana Hernandez is the designer behind the couture brand. She has wowed on runways from Paris to L.A. but it's in Los Angeles that Hernandez may have her biggest fan base. She grew up in Compton and her store is in Downey.

In March, the Glaudi Collection graced the runway at the prestigious LA Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion. Hernandez says she's all about "girl power." She said her collection is designed for women of all sizes, including women with curves. She says her designs are for "the modern bride."

Among her models, Telli Swift from reality TV's WAGS Atlanta. Swift is engaged to boxer Deontay Wilder, heavyweight champion of the world.

LA Fashion Week, powered by Art Hearts Fashion, is in its 12th season and giving rival to the New York fashion scene. Founder Erik Rosete said LA is where you find all the stylists and celebrities. This team also does shows in the big apple during New York Fashion Week.

Hernandez launched the Glaudi brand at 24 years old. It's named after her mother Gladis. Both her parents came to the U.S. from El Salvador and worked in sweatshops. Hernandez gives back to causes tied to her parents' homeland. Before designing her own works, Hernandez built a resume in the fashion industry that included celebrities and known fashion lines.

If you'd like to wear any one of these gorgeous Glaudi gowns -- it will cost you. They run anywhere from $500 to into the thousands.

Hernandez is racking up the honors. She was nominated by People magazine en español in 2014 as "25 most powerful woman" and Latina magazine "30 favorite stars under 30."