WATCH: Man Ends up on Hood of Car in Fight with Brother

Two brothers in Michigan were arrested after a sibling argument took an unusual turn.

Take a look at the dash camera video from Shelby Township Police of the bizarre incident. Police said they got a call about a domestic violence complaint regarding two brothers on Thursday. Investigators said Starvo Habib allegedly assaulted his brother, Minas, during a fight in Tottenham.

Police said Minas Habib had gotten into a car to get away, but his brother decided to jump on the hood of the car to keep him from leaving. An officer driving up to the scene, turned on his patrol lights and stopped the cruiser... but the car failed to stop and hit the police car.

Starvo then fell off the hood, but was not seriously hurt. Police said the brothers were arrested at the scene. Minas, 20, is facing a charge of reckless conduct and Starvo, 18, has been charged with domestic violence.

Police said they have responded to calls at the home before.