Warren paramedics revive 9-month-old who overdosed on heroin-fentanyl mixture

Warren police performed life-saving measures on a 9-month-old girl after she overdosed on a mixture of opioids that had been left out.

They have also taken the baby's 26-year-old mother into custody after reviving the girl, Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer confirmed.

Emergency crews were at a home Wednesday afternoon after being called to the residence for a child with difficulty breathing.

The call came around 3:45 p.m.

When first responders arrived, they reported the girl was unresponsive before administering naloxone to revive her.

Firefighters reported the girl had overdosed on a mixture of heroin and fentanyl, both more potent and cheaper opioids than prescription drugs.

While at the home, first responders also said they saw packaging for drugs and alerted police. After obtaining a search warrant, police seized narcotics from the home. 

Child Protective Services was also called.