VIDEO: Uber driver helps deliver baby in his backseat in Sherman Oaks

An Uber driver has quite the story to tell after a baby was born in the backseat of his car Friday night. Raymond Telles was wrapping up his night when he took one last request.

"Pull over?" "Are you ok?" "My wife is having ...PULL OVER I'M HAVING A BABY!!"

"This lady had her hands on her knees. She was taking deep slow breaths," Telles explained. "I got out and saw that she was pregnant."

The woman and her husband needed to get to the hospital because she was in labor. Just minutes into the ride, he said her water broke.

"We get a couple of blocks down, and that's when she started feeling pain and she started screaming on the top of her lungs and saying 'Call 911.'"

Before they could finish the call to 911, the baby began to make its appearance into the world. "Ok I'm pulling over, I'm pulling over right now you can see her. "Tell them where we are. Tell them where we are. Talk talk talk" We're on Riverside and Coldwater the baby is already coming out. The baby is coming out right now!"

"I thought I would have to get out. We would have to position her or something, just lay her down in the backseat, but within seconds of her water breaking, it came out."

The woman had the baby in his backseat at the intersection of Riverside and Coldwater Canyon in Sherman Oaks. Raymond said the paramedics took the couple and their newborn to the hospital.

And he's now left with an experience he'll never forget.

"This is a crazy situation, I've never been in this situation. I never would have thought it would have got to that," he told FOX 11.

To document that a woman was in labor during his Uber drive, he started recording on his cell phone as he was driving. He allowed FOX 11 to see the video, and you can hear how panicked everyone was in that situation.

Out of respect for the family, he is not releasing the video.

Raymond is still waiting for an update from the family about the status of the mother and baby.

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