VIDEO: Strange sounds take over American Airlines intercom system

Wait… what was that?!

It's a question the passengers on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Dallas asked themselves after the in-flight intercom system started broadcasting some really bizarre sounds - and you've got to hear it for yourself. 

One of the passengers on the flight, local filmmaker Emerson Collins, recorded the ghoulish sounds during the Sept. 6 flight and posted it to social media. The video has since been viewed millions of times. 

"It's somewhere between like a vaguely sexual moan and a like, vomit, and I can't stop laughing and it happens every two-three minutes because I had time to think I should record this, because if I try to explain this sound to anyone it will not be as funny as it is right now. So it was like a 15-minute video that I cut down," he said.  

Wells told FOX 11 at one point a flight attendant and even the captain apologized for the strange noises. American Airlines has since said a maintenance team thoroughly inspected the aircraft and chalked it up to a mechanical issue with the amplifier, which raises the volume when the engines are running.