Video shows man attacking female CSUN student he followed to campus

Disturbing video filmed by a female Cal State University Northridge student reveals the moment a predator attacked her after following her to class from off campus.

The video shows a man telling her he wants to "make love" to her before he lunges at her and chokes her with both hands.

CSUN student Gasig Kejejian met with FOX 11 on Thursday to explain what happened to her Wednesday afternoon.

"I got on a Lime bike off campus and I was approached by a man at the crosswalk and he followed me and started running with me towards campus," she said.

Kejejian said the man made small talk with her, and he became aggressive once she got to her destination at Bookstein Hall.

"As soon as I got off the bike he started pulling my hair saying I want to make love to you and I said I don't know you please don't pull my hair and then he started to choke me and that's when I started to yell for help," she said.

Kejejian said she was able to get away from the man momentarily, but he followed her into Bookstein Hall and grabbed her hair to pull her towards him again.

At this point, she pulled her phone out and began recording him.

"Go ahead and tell everybody what the f*** you're doing," she yells at him.
"I'm trying to make love to you," he replies.
"What the f*** are you doing, what love, I don't f****** know you!" She yells back.

The man then lunges at her and chokes her with two hands.

Male bystanders then jump in and pry him off of her.

The attacker then squares up as if he wants to fight the good Samaritans.

CSUN police say the suspect is a man named Peter Wei. He has no affiliation with the university, and he is in police custody.

Kejejian was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries, but she says she refuses to be a victim, and that her attacker needs serious help.

"You don't put your hands on somebody and try to strangle them on a random day at 3:30 when they're going to school," she said.

There was a similar incident on campus Tuesday night.

CSUN police say another female student was approached by a man who tried to choke her, but she got away. It's unclear if Wei was the same attacker.

CSUN police say they will bring their case against Wei to the district attorney in the morning, which is when charges will be decided.