Valley Glen mother and teenage son found dead

An LAPD detective confirmed a mother and son were found dead Wednesday night, but it's still unclear how they died.

Overnight, investigators searched an apartment building in the 13800 block of Oxnard Street in Valley Glen.

The LAPD said officers responded to the scene around 11 Wednesday night. They say a man called 911 to report coming home and finding his wife and son dead.

"At this point we do not believe this is a murder-suicide. We do not believe this was accidental, or natural," said LAPD Det. Meghan Aguilar. "So we are looking at a double homicide."

Investigators spent hours Thursday morning looking for evidence, talking with neighbors, and trying to recreate a timeline of what lead up to the deaths.

Det. Aguilar said police had not found any signed of forced entry, and there were no calls from neighbors.

The official added that the father was cooperating with investigators and was not in custody.