Unwashed pillowcases contain more bacteria than toilet seats: report

How often do you change your pillowcases?

If your answer is "not often," you may not sleep too well after reading this. 

An unwashed pillowcase could harbor three million bacteria - about 17,000 times more than the average toilet seat, according to a new report by Amerisleep.

The analysis included cleanliness data for mattresses, linens and pillowcases, as well as a breakdown of the potential germs between the sheets.

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Some of the particles tested were allergens, fungi, and dead skin - all of which you don't want to be exposed to at night as they can attract things like dust mites that feed on dead skin cells.

A recent TikTok shows the bacteria colonies that apparently live in pillowcases. 

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TikTok user @simonandbee cut off a corner of a regular pillowcase and placed it in a petri dish, showing the alleged bacteria and fungal growth over time.

After just a few days without washing the pillowcases, bacteria quickly formed, the creator alleged.

Experts said pillowcases should be changed routinely - every few days - more than once a week.