U.S. Vets career center opens in Inglewood

Third time's the charm to cut the ribbon before a brand-new career center at U.S. Vets in Inglewood

The spacious and well-equipped center comes with multiple computer workspaces and a classroom, immediately put to use for a quick lesson on writing an effective resume.

FOX sponsored the career center and then made the official opening a celebration. 

It was an honor to emcee the ribbon cutting and hear how the updated career center is in line with the U.S. Vets' mission to serve veterans that need help.

"This career center is a representation of independence and growth for our veterans here," said Jessica Gholson with U.S. Vets Inglewood.

Axel Troche is a U.S. Vets success story. 

He shared his story from a 22-year career in the Army to his darkest moment living on the streets.

"I will never ever forget when I had to eat out of a dumpster," Troche said. "You need that person that actually put your arm over you, [say] ‘it’s okay we have these tools for you.’"

The first goal of U.S. Vets is to get homeless veterans into housing. But believe or not, eight-year Air Force veteran Kevin Kincey says that's the easy part.

"You have to get a person to buy in. It's a bit of freedom being homeless, you have no rules, no bills no things, so you're trying to build them back up," said Kincey.

And you need to help veterans find their new mission after they've left the military 

In Kincey's case, the moment he found his purpose came when he was at the LA Mission.

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