Two men robbed Whittier high school students in 2 incidents at gunpoint

California High School in Whittier issued a warning to parents and students Thursday, the day after two different groups of students were held up at gunpoint.

"I'm angry and upset," said the mother of one of the victims.

The family didn't want to reveal their names while the suspects remain unaccounted for.

"They pulled out the gun and aimed it at all three of us," said her son.

He said he was walking home down Mills Avenue with his two friends. After they passed Close Street, he said a white car suddenly pulled up.

"They pointed at me and said, 'come here.' I just thought they wanted directions."

Instead, the victims said, they asked him if he was in a gang. He said he wasn't.

"They said empty your pockets, and I brought out my money and they snatched it. He was looking at my friend and said, 'take off your sweater.' He asked them if they were serious."

Thankfully, an approaching group of students scared the thieves away, but not before the victims got a pretty good look at their description and their car. The suspects are described as two Hispanic men, in their mid-to-early 20's, driving a white, 4-door car with a license plate ending in "298."

"I mean how much money can a kid possibly have?" questioned the victim's mom. "A dollar, maybe five?"