Truck slams into taco stand injuring four people

Four people were injured, including a taco stand worker, after a pickup truck slammed into the stand Sunday morning.

The truck was traveling eastbound on Olympic Boulevard when the driver lost control.

The driver lost control and crashed into a car then hit the taco truck stand, which was parked on the sidewalk, according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Hale.

The man working the stand was hit. His stand went flying and hit three customers.

Joahnna Ramirez witnessed the crash while she was in the drive-through at Starbucks across the street.

"I was just like 'oh my God' I can't believe this is going on'," she told reporter Leah Uko she ran outside and started recording the aftermath of the accident.

"I seen a lot of people. And then I seen a couple people laying on the floor over here and I came around. That's when I started asking people like what happened? Was the guy under the truck? And then they were like 'yeah he was under the truck' so they had pulled him out."

Ramirez said the driver told her his breaks were not working properly.

LAPD did not cite him and said he was not under the influence.