Tips that could save you from a fire emergency as L.A. roasts on Thanksgiving

Record-breaking heat is expected across Southern California on Thanksgiving Day. That means potentially more calls into fire stations for emergencies.

Los Angeles is expected to hit the high 80 on Thanksgiving .

Firefighters say that means potentially more calls to their station for emergencies.

Pasadena Fire Captain Emmanuel Lessis says he'll likely get multiple calls Thursday about people deep frying turkeys, but putting in too much oil.

"That turkey displaces that cooking oil gets that cooking oil to overflow on the side and because it's powered by a propane tank it ends up causing a nice little grease fire basically," said Lessis.

He also recommends taking a tip from how his own firefighters cooked at their station kitchen Wednesday -keeping a close eye on the heat

"Something boils over in the oven and the next thing you know, you have smoke inside the kitchen and they end up calling us," said Lessis.

Lessis also warns people to not leave candles unattended, to stay cool and hydrated, and not to drink excessively and cook.

As for the firefighters' Turkey dinner, their goal is to make it at their station..

But this might be the closest they get to a complete meal with the number of calls they anticipate Thursday

"We always invite family to the fire house, so we'll be cooking our meal at the firehouse and it's like anything - we're unable to take a breakfast break or lunch break or dinner break, or sleep break for that matter - so if a call comes in - even if family is here - we get up and respond to the call," said Lessis.

Firefighters say so many people don't stop to make sure they have a working smoke detector and extinguisher nearby.

They say those two things could significantly cut their number of calls Thursday.

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