Tips on how to stay safe while out for a walk

Homicides, robberies and assaults continue to rise across Los Angeles County

April 2022 was the deadliest April in Los Angeles in the past four years. With crime up, everyone should be more aware of their surroundings, especially when taking a walk around the neighborhood. 

Former LA City Councilman and LAPD officer Dennis Zine has taught several safety classes. He is still a reserve officer and says when going out on a walk always be prepared.

When going out for a walk, Zine recommends people wear a fanny pack, carry a flashlight, pepper spray, and a whistle.

"You want to have that [whistle] to alert people in case someone tries to attack you. Pepper spray is very affective. You can buy it, don’t need a permit, don’t need any training," Zine told FOX 11’s Hal Eisner. 

He says your fanny pack should be able to carry all your necessary defense items, including your keys which could be used a defensive weapon. 

Zine says it is good to wear white or bright apparel especially at night. He also recommends people carry a business-sized card with your emergency contact information and limit time spent on your cellphone as it could be distracting. 

He also says wear just one earphone instead of two so you can hear what’s going on around you. "Pay attention, be careful and enjoy your walk," Zine stated.