Threat against Menifee middle school 'not credible,' police say

Police in Menifee have determined a threat made against a local school wasn't credible and that there was no danger Monday.

The Menifee Police Department said it was contacted at 9 a.m. Monday, about a "concerning" social media post, threatening a school shooting at Ethan A. Chase Middle School. The school was placed on lockdown as a result.

Police eventually determined who they believed responsible for the threat was a former student at the school who no longer lived in the city of Menifee, and that the threat wasn't credible. 

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"We encourage parents to have conversations with their children about the severity of these types of threats and the importance of being responsible when using social media," the department wrote in a press release.

Menifee police notified authorities in the boy's new city, school and his parents, but it wasn't immediately clear what if any consequences the boy will face.