There's a thing called ice volcanoes, and they're erupting along Lake Michigan

The winter weather can create some interesting sights along the Great Lakes.

The National Weather Service tweeted out a photo from Saugatuck on Lake Michigan of an interesting phenomenon called ice volcanoes. 

The NWS says they were erupting on Oval Beach over the weekend. 

Here's how it happens: cones start forming on the edges of ice shelves as they build up out of the lake. And then when waves crash into the ice shelves, they can travel under and out of the cones, creating this unusual "eruption" of sorts. 

The NWS tweeted a close-up of one of the ice volcanoes, too, saying, 'You never know what you'll find at the lake until you go out there. Today it was volcanoes.' 

Oval Beach is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, about 45 miles southwest of Grand Rapids. 

FOX 2 reported on this story from Southfield, Mich.