Tesla footage reveals man lied about getting hit by car, police say

A man in Slidell, Louisiana, was arrested after he allegedly lied to police about getting hit by a car in a gas station parking lot on Sept. 3, according to the Slidell Police Department. 

At about 4 p.m., officers were dispatched to a gas station after a man called 911 to report he was allegedly hit by a car in a "busy gas station parking lot." 

When officers arrived, they met with 47-year-old Arthur Bates Jr., who claimed a Tesla had backed into him, causing him to fall to the pavement. 

Tesla fake still edit

FILE - Still image taken from video allegedly showing Arthur Bates Jr. pretending to get hit by Tesla.

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Bates further alleged that the driver of the Tesla had fled the scene. 

Bates complained about injuries he sustained to his back, leg and neck, prompting the responding officers to call for an ambulance and fire truck, according to the department. 

Later that Friday, officers were able to locate the owner of the Tesla and spoke with the driver about the purported hit-and-run. 

The driver told officers that Bates intentionally jumped behind his car and staged the accident, police said. 

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What Bates apparently did not know is that Tesla vehicles record and save all footage from their cameras. 

Officers reviewed the footage and said they found that Bates was lying. 

In the video, which was published to the department’s Facebook on Sept. 6, a man believed to be Bates, wearing orange shorts and a black T-shirt is seen standing behind the Tesla. 

The car reversed backward only slightly and stopped, after which the man is seen scooting closer to the vehicle. 

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He then falls over onto the pavement, appearing to be in pain. Then another man, assumed to be the owner and driver of the Tesla, comes into view and moves Bates’ foot off the car’s fender before getting back into the car and driving off. 

Police said Bates later admitted to fabricating the entire incident and was arrested for filing a false police report.