Teen found dangling from California's highest bridge rescued

A teen had to be rescued from Foresthill Bridge on September 18, 2023. Photo credit: Placer County Sheriff's office

The Placer County Sheriff reminded the public that it's illegal to trespass on Foresthill Bridge, after a teen had to be rescued Monday.

Authorities said they received a call around 6:30 p.m. that a teen boy was dangling from a rope on the bridge, which is located in Auburn, east of I-80. More than two dozen first responders came to his rescue, officials said.

Upon arrival, they found out the 19-year-old got stuck as he was being filmed swinging from the underside of the bridge by his 17-year-old friend. His equipment failed, and he was left hanging approximately 30 feet from the base, officials said.

First responders lowered a rescuer to the teen and successfully brought him back up to the catwalk. 

At 730 feet above the American River, Foresthill Bridge is California's highest bridge, and the fourth-highest bridge in the United States. 

The teen was checked after he was brought up by rescuers, but declined medical attention, officials said.

Both teens were cited for trespassing.

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