Tariffs will affect Chinese products entering the US

California Senator Kamala Harris was mobbed like a rock star after a Town Hall meeting with adoring constituents at the Long Beach Convention Center.

People asked her about the homeless issue, jobs, the economy, health care. No one brought up something that was unfolding right in their back yard: the possibility of a President Trump induced ''trade war'' with China by raising tariffs, or taxes on 1300 different Chinese products.

The ports of LA and Long Beach are the biggest in the world, sending out and bringing in everything from cars to computers to batteries to medicine to machines to steel to soybeans. Harris said the President ''can't play politics'' with that kind of an issue, especially one tied to tens of thousands of jobs in Southern California alone, and that she does not support raising tariffs.

Like the local Longshoreman Union Local 13 President said, the biggest concern is ''is it going to happen, or is it just negotiation?''

Like other proposals floated by the President, they are not always followed through on, but the attention and controversy they create is very real. Take a look at the stock market's plunge today for example.

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