Students Say USC Should Pull Bill Cosby's Honorary Doctorate

This week Brown University pulled an honorary degree given to Bill Cosby. It's not the first school to do that in light of the comedian's scandal involving over 50 women who have claimed they were sexually abused by Mr. Cosby.

The action made us wonder if USC might be considering the same thing. We asked USC officials if there were any plans to do that here, but received no responses to our questions.

The action by Brown, Fordham University and others comes as more alleged incidents of sexual abuse surface.

At the offices of attorney Gloria Allred Pamela Abeyta, Sharon Van Ert and Lisa Christie, sat before cameras and reporters to tell their stories. All were very different, but ended the same way.

Pamela Abeyta tells the packed news conference that "for 30 years I have been holding a secret that is so overwhelming that I have not spoken about it until now." She says Cosby was entertaining her, came back to his place, "and, when I came to I was lying in Bill Cosby's bed … not my own room." She weeped.

Sharon Van Ert who was a cocktail waitress at a Redondo Beach jazz club Cosby frequented tearfully said "I was finally encouraged to come forward by all the other women who have recently told their stories about being abused and raped by Mr. Cosby."

And, finally, Lisa Christie says Bill Cosby was trying to help her decide if she should be a TV news anchor or an actress. During one meeting she says he told her to close her eyes "and, then he tried to kiss me like a boyfriend would so I pushed him away and said what are you doing and Bill told me 'you told me that you loved me' and when I told you I loved you on the phone It meant I loved you like a dad."

Back at USC, when we didn't get a response to our questions about whether an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts bestowed on Mr. Cosby would be pulled we asked students if it should. All of the upper classmen with whom we spoke felt it should. For instance, Max Ascolani said,"its just bad publicity for the university. It's kind of shameful really and I agree with what Brown did. I think the same thing should happen with USC."

Kimaya Karnawat felt the same why. This student told us, "I think it would be appropriate... because a rape allegation is very serious something a university stands against especially on campus."

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