Student starts petition to name Hawthorne elementary school after Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A high school senior started a petition to rename an elementary school in Hawthorne after the Late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Emma Martin, 17, is a student from Da Vinci Science High School. In June, she organized a protest outside of what was called the "Peter Burnett Elementary School" after Peter Burnett, the first governor in California who was also a slave owner.

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"After the protest I organized, some students were able to bring up to the school board the racist and extremely sexist and just not OK background of who we named the school after," said Martin.

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The district decided to start the process of renaming the elementary school following the protest, and after Ginsburg's passing, Martin believed Ginsburg should be honored.

"She is such an inspiration in all the things she's done for this country. Before she was appointed Supreme Court Justice, she was doing so many amazing things for this country and she was an advocate for women's rights, LGBT rights, and civil rights and liberties," said Martin.

Martin's petition is gaining traction and she is excited about the support she's receiving from the district and community.

"We know that in October, they are considering different names for the change and I really think that once I get to speak to them this Thursday and present to them my petition and all the support that this could actually happen," said Martin.

Martin said it's important the school name reflects the diverse community.

"The name of the school not only represents the school district but the whole community. I think it really matters that we have someone who has really made a change and who is such a role model to be named after these schools," she said.

The district superintendent, Blake Silvers, told Fox 11 that the process to rename the school will start soon.

He said he is glad to see student participation and was Martin's principal in the past. He plans to reach out to Martin within the next couple of days to encourage her to be a part of the Citizens Advisors Committee to help select the new school name. Silvers said the district hopes to announce the name change by the end of the calendar year.