Stars walk the red carpet at world premiere of 'Justice League'

Justice is finally served for all the fans who have been waiting for the latest superhero film, "Justice League" is the first time this all star cast of characters comes together on the big screen.

Ray Fisher plays the character Cyborg.

"Honestly this is my childhood," Fisher said. "This is what I loved as a kid combined with what I love as an adult and there's no greater feeling than that."

In his first feature film, he's starring along side big Hollywood names like Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman and Gal Gadot back as Wonder Woman.

"She's a further evolution of the character that she was at the end of Wonder Woman," producer, Charles Roven, said.

In Justice League, it's Batman and Wonder Woman who recruit the cast of characters to help save the world.

The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg round out the team.

"To be on the rooftop firing up the bat signal and not only having batman appear, but his merry little band too, it's great," JK Simmons, who plays "Commissioner Gordon," said.

The action adventure movie is one fans have been anticipating and hundreds turned up at the Hollywood premiere to see their favorite superheroes.

"I grew up watching Superman every morning before school , it made me late," Diane Lane, who plays Martha Kent, remembered. "It was the black and white one."

This movie is far from black and white with special effects galore, a new version of the bat mobile and detailed costumes for characters.

"Honestly my costume was pretty easy it was just a onesie it was pajamas," Fisher joked. "I zip it up, put a little light on and I'm set and ready to go,"

"Justice League" opens in some theaters on Thursday with wide release on Friday.