SoCal unionized Starbucks baristas stage 'Red Cup Rebellion'

Unionized Starbucks baristas across Southern California were staging a "Red Cup Rebellion" for the second year in a row, which coincides with the company’s Red Cup Day. 

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Red Cup Day is a promotional day when they give away tens of thousands of red holiday cups for free. It’s one of the busiest days for the company and that’s why the Starbucks Workers United union picked that particular day to send a message. 

The union clarified they aren’t necessarily picketing. 

"We’re standing with the workers," said Anthony Depice, a volunteer organizer with Starbucks United Workers. "We’re sick of watching them slash benefits, slash hours for folks that are identifying with the union…and closing stores."

He added they are also demonstrating due to hundreds of unfair labor practices that he says have been proven. 

Local Starbucks workers unionized about two years ago demanding the coffee giant to stop illegal bargaining with baristas over scheduling and other staffing issues. 

FOX 11 has reached out to Starbucks for comment. 

However, the company released a statement to Fobes and said it is "aware" of the planned day of action at a "small subset" of stores and said it hopes the union's "priorities will shift to include the shared success of our partners and negotiating contracts for those they represent."