SoCal freeways gone wild: Rise in aggressive drivers and road rage

From road rage to police chases, motorcycle madness on two wheels and even freeway stunts on two feet. This video shot Monday night shows a guy running right up the 110 freeway during the evening commute.

It seems everywhere you look - something crazy is happening on California's freeways.

"Nearly 80-percent of drivers in America said they had engaged in at least one form of aggressive driving behavior in the last year" according to Doug Shupe, spokesperson for AAA of Southern California.

Behavior like a road rage incident caught on tape in late June on the 14 freeway in Newhall. A motorcyclist is seen kicking a passenger door. The vehicle swerves and then loses control which then results in a rollover crash. Shupe talked about some factors which may be driving SoCal motorists a little nutty.

"A lot of people are visiting Southern've also got warmer temperatures which can lead to tempers fueling." Shupe said.

It's not just those on four wheels. A video made headlines over the weekend showing several motorcycle riders popping wheelies and doing stunts on the 60 freeway. One female passenger even falls off the back of a bike. Luckily she wasn't hurt, but many others motorcyclists are.

"There were 4900 fatalities as a result of motorcycle crashes and that was actually up 8.3 percent over the year before." said Shupe.

With the population in SoCal expected to grow, more drivers will likely be on the roads - adding to the problem. AAA even created a pamphlet to help people cope with aggressive drivers.

Shupe says, "Be tolerant if someone causes you to be upset -take a deep breath...let them move on."

According to the most recent statistics in Los Angeles County, more than 100 motorcyclists were killed in 2013 and more than 3500 injured.

For more information on what to do about aggressive driving and road rage - click on the Automobile Association of SoCal's website.

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