Siri can now respond to questions about COVID-19 symptoms on Apple devices

Siri, the virtual personal assistant service available on Apple devices, can now respond to questions from users about COVID-19-related symptoms and whether medical guidance should be sought.

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Users can ask Siri questions related to the novel coronavirus, such as “Do I have coronavirus” or “Do I have COVID-19 symptoms?” to begin the specialized service.


Examples of responses users may receive from Siri regarding the novel coronavirus. (Apple/CDC)

At that point, users can verbally answer yes or no questions to determine if medical treatment, testing or other steps are recommended. For example, if you are experiencing a dry cough that is life threatening, Siri may recommend that you call 911. 

If you aren’t experiencing symptoms and are unsure of whether you’ve been in contact with someone infected with COVID-19, the service may remind you to keep strong monitor of your symptoms.

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In addition to the symptomatic questions, Siri also reminds users to wash their hands and keep a safe distance away from other individuals. “Remember: People who don’t feel sick can still be contagious.”