Several people rescued from flooded conditions

Rescuers say rushing water in Lytle Creek -  moving at about 10 to 12 mph - put a man, woman and 11-year old girl in danger.

San Bernardino Fire Captain Jay Dimoff who was on the scene said, "They were nervous. They were in a very serious situation."

"They were in a situation where they could not get out and if they had gotten out they were going to be swept downstream and possibly drown or gotten injured."

Captain Jeremy Hanson, who was also on the scene, said there were some struggles. 

"The struggles, I think, were just walking out and getting, in the water. That’s the scariest part," Hanson said, adding "...the water was cold, running fast… scary you know."

There were similarly scary moments in Tustin as the Orange County Fire Authority was called out to rescue five people from two vehicles on a flooded off ramp from the 55 Freeway. 

It was another case of fast-falling water filling up roadways and creating traps for unsuspecting drivers.

Back at Fontana Fire Station 72, there were lots of calls for firefighters. Some were medical, some rescues - all critically important. 

But, they say, in many cases these rescues in fast-moving water can be avoided if we pay extra attention to conditions.

"Our advice is turn around don’t drown. People really mistake the water a lot of times. When there is water crossing the road and you come across that, definitely turn around," Captain Dimoff said.