Secret Santa pays off layaways at Florida Walmart store

Kathryn Glisson, team leader of the LayAways counter at the Gainesville Walmart is pictured holding the $500 check with Pay Off LayAways typed on it, the signature reads "Secret Santa."

The holidays got a lot brighter for some shoppers at a Florida Walmart store.

Employees at a Walmart Supercenter in Gainesville Florida said a man wearing dark glasses, a hoodie, and a surgical mask presented the store with a $500 check to pay off layaways. 

"He walked straight to the Customer Service desk at the front of the store and requested to speak to the Team Lead, Shay Walker.The man then handed a check for Five Hundred ($500.00) dollars, with “PayOffLayAways.Org” typed on the check and instructed Ms. Walker to convert the check into a Gift Card," the store said in a news release.

The man then asked for assistance in locating lawaways for toys, before paying them off in full then calling the family to let them know:

“A Secret Santa paid off your layaway! Please come into the store to pick up your toys!” he said.

Employees at the store said the man told them he has been doing this for nearly a decade, traveling around the country and randomly selecting stores that offer layaway purchasing.