Searching for Peewee

His name is Peewee, he's a Maltese and he has a loving family.

Or rather had a family because on October 27th he disappeared from his Sherman Oaks backyard.

"My heart just fell to my stomach when I couldn't find him", Megan Kozlovski says.

Megan's raised Peewee since he was a puppy and has been desperately searching for her 8-year-old boy ever since. Putting posters up anywhere and everywhere, including on her car.

"I have covered a 5-mile radius", she says. "Like a mad woman."

The posters appeared to pay off when two weeks ago she received a phone call from a woman claiming she knew what happened to the pup.

The woman, who wouldn't identify herself, told Megan she was homeless and that after seeing the lost poster felt incredibly guilty because she had stolen Peewee.

"At first she didn't make any sense and I thought it was a prank", says Megan. "But then she gave me details about my home and how he disappeared that no one else would know and I knew she was telling the truth".

The woman then went on to tell Megan an incredible and rambling tale of how she stole Peewee and then walked 4 miles with him to a CVS store on the corner of Sherman Way and Sepulveda in Van Nuys.

Megan immediately went to the CVS and there, employees told her the story was true.

"Witnesses said the homeless woman came in and first tried to give Peewee to an employee but the employee couldn't take him", says Megan. "Then she lifted him up in the air and said to customers "Who wants a dog?"

That's when, Megan says, store surveillance tape shows a young couple stepping up and taking Peewee.

"Employees have since told me they came back to the store and were told the dog was stolen and that I was desperately trying to get my baby back", says Megan, breaking down in tears. "They took my number but never called me."

Peewee hasn't been seen since and if he isn't found soon, it may be too late for him.

The pup has Pancreatitis and needs daily medication along with a special diet.
"I'm terrified he's going to die ", says Megan who says now she can only pray that the couple will do the right thing before it's too late.

"He has a family. He is loved. Please return him."

The LAPD has taken the case and are actively searching for the couple.

If you recognize the couple in these surveillance camera pictures or know where Peewee is please call LAPD Van Nuys Detectives Holmbreg or Jones at 818-374-0040

Gigi Graciette

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