Search for man accused of trespassing Beverly Hills neighborhood exceeds 3 days

The search continues for a man accused of trespassing in a Beverly Hills neighborhood.

Tuesday marked at least Day 3 of the search for the mystery man. As of Tuesday night, there have been no announcements indicating that the suspect is wanted for violent crimes.

On Tuesday, SkyFOX captured the moments when the Beverly Hills Police Department conducted a search along the 1000 block of Laurel Way. 

The latest search comes after BHPD conducted a search on Sunday along the 1000 block of North Crescent Drive as officers looked for the same man.

Officials have not released the suspect's identity or have made any announcements on whether he has any criminal history outside of possible trespassing.

In a public alert notification, BHPD classified the severity of this police call as minor, meaning it has "minimal to no known threat to life or property."