San Fernando Valley neighborhood feels 'under siege' as residents see parked RVs at night

It began with one RV. The large vehicle was parked in front of homes on Foothill Lane in Lake View Terrace.

Residents in the area asked him to leave – and he did – but the RV driver eventually came back to the neighborhood. He has since stayed put despite parking being restricted to 72 hours in that particular area.

He has since been joined by another RV. Several vehicles leave during the day but return at night with dogs, people and loud noise taking over the neighborhood.

As residents in the area are unhappy with the RV sightings, others argue they are technically not breaking the 72-hour parking rule and argue that these RVs are "not bothering anyone."

"Can I just go park my car and live in front of the Mayor’s or Councilmember's homes?" asked one resident in the area.

At least one of the RVs in the area received a notice from parking enforcement. FOX 11 was told a second citation is forthcoming, but there are just too many vehicles parked illegally for DOT and Los Angeles city traffic enforcement to follow up in a timely manner.

Keep in mind that enforcement of towing illegally parked vehicles, which was suspended in March 2020 due to the pandemic, is supposed to resume on May 15.

Parking enforcement is supposed to resume for the following types of oversized vehicles:

  • Vehicles that pose as a traffic safety hazard. This includes blocking walkways, fire hydrants, driveways and traffic lanes
  • Vehicles that pose an environmental or public health hazard. This includes vehicles that have been "extensively destroyed, burned or present a threat to environmentally sensitive habitats;"
  • Vehicles that interfere with public works projects and/or special events
  • Vehicles that are inoperable
  • Unregistered vehicles

One resident asks why these RVs are not included in the above list.

"How about in front of my house," the resident said. "Playing loud music, smoking marijuana and refusing homeless advocate help because they don't want to stop living that way."

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Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez released the following statement Monday in response to the RVs being parked on Foothill Place:

"On May 2, 2022 we received an email from a constituent regarding an oversized vehicle and associated vehicles parked on Foothill Place. Since that initial email, we have received 18 subsequent emails from the same constituent documenting the activities of vehicles moving in and out of the area. The Senior Lead Officer has been copied on all emails, as well as the City Attorney’s Office.

In the City of Los Angeles vehicles are allowed to park so long as they move within 72 hours unless restricted. The constituent has documented that these vehicles continue to move. 

In response to locations where vehicles pose a clear public safety issue, I introduced the motion that will strengthen the process to address oversized vehicles citywide on city streets effective May 15, 2022. We are seeking additional resources for towing and storage to meet the demand."