Students, parents upset and in fear over threatening posts made by San Dimas High student

The front of San Dimas High School was blocked by several sheriff vehicles Friday, as they responded to student's threats to walk out in protest, blaming the school for "not doing enough" to protect them from a student being investigated for posting threatening messages on his public Instagram account.

It all began right before spring break when sheriff's deputies showed up to the house of one mother, notifying her that a student had posted threats against her son, also a student at San Dimas High.

"He wanted to kill, burn and eat my son," the mother, who does not want to be identified, said.

Other posts from the student, shared with us by parents and kids, include photos holding weapons, quips about 9mm "not killing you immediately but leaving a pinch" and photos of a black cat, and a weapon next to it.  

The mother of the targeted students says deputies explained that the boy had been pulled out of school for a mental evaluation, but school district officials later explained to her the boy would come back "to the same classroom with her own son" this week.

Other students at the school threatened to walk out, but came up short when they were told that deputies would stop them and that seniors would face "serious consequences" including not being allowed to go to prom or walk during graduation.

That made parents who showed up at the school, even angrier. Some telling us they planned to pull out their kids from school.

We reached out to the school district for a response but have yet to hear back.