Rialto senior citizen says management is bullying tenants out of homes

Sharon Alexander is a part time school crossing guard. Here at home, she's afraid she's being misled by landlords. Scared, she'll be kicked out to the streets.

"I did not let them bully me. That's what it is. They bullied us seniors," said Alexander.

She's a senior citizen...standing outside of what was once her home. Now, she's sleeping on her grand niece's couch.

"Technically I am homeless. Technically....I am homeless," said Alexander.

Last month, a fire broke out in a Rialto apartment building, killing two people. Sharon Alexander was displaced that night. She and the other neighbors were told they'd have to briefly move everything out for management to renovate.

"I was not prepared for this and I'm sure the people who lost their lives were not either," said Alexander.

But the 66-year-old doesn't know why she has to leave. She showed us her apartment which appears to have no smoke or fire damage. But building management said it is unsafe and was red-tagged.

Alexander says management isn't compensating her for the relocation. She says they're only offering tenants their deposit, and that's only once they hand over the keys.

"When I moved in my deposit was a hundred dollars. What am I going to do with that?" said Alexander.

She also fears if she hands over the keys. She may never be allowed to return home to her $650 monthly rent.

"I went down to the office and asked 'could you put it in writing that we would be able to return and have our same apartments?' She refused," said Alexander.

We reached out to The Korda Group who manages the property.

They told us: "What they have told you is not correct. We can't get started on renovating until they move. The building is red tagged but they are allowed to get their belongings. They can come back to the apartment once it's renovated, they get first priority on moving back. We cannot comment on any reimbursements while they are gone."

It is unclear if the rent will remain the same.

"I'm not going to say we lost everything, because we didn't lose our lives. But for me personally, I lost my self of being," said Alexander.

Now there were about 2 dozen other senior citizens who were told to move out. Sharon says they got out. Sharon though, hired a lawyer along with another tenant. She says she can't leave. She has no permanent place she can go.

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