Puppy rescued after getting head stuck in gate in Orange County

Toby the dog caught with his head in a gate (left) and after rescue (right) (Photos: Orange County Fire Authority)

Orange County Fire officials rescued a puppy that got its head stuck in a gate at a home Saturday.

Toby, the three-month-old puppy got his head stuck in a gate at his home Saturday. Orange County Fire Authority officials responded to the home to try and get Toby unstuck. 

"Meet Toby. He’s three months old and still figuring things out. Today he was doing what puppies occasionally do and got his head stuck in the gate. Enter Truck 9," the agency wrote in a Twitter post.

According to that post, Firefighters helped Toby's mom pull the pup safely out of the gate with the help of a bag of treats. 

After they got Toby out, rescuers determined that Toby was not injured, and he was able to stay home with his family.