Prop 47: Crime is up, arrests are down

Crime is up, and arrests are down. It is not surprising that arrests are down 30% since 2014 when Prop 47 went into effect. The problem with Prop 47 is simply many felonies were downgraded to misdemeanors. Under Prop 47 for example, property theft in many cases went from a felony to a misdemeanor. Stealing a gun became no more than a misdemeanor ticket.

Without any real consequences, criminals were given a green light to steal more weapons and therefore commit more crimes. With so many crimes downgraded from felonies to misdemeanors, police officers in many instances felt it was not worth it to make arrests for these offenses. This has become especially true at a time when police conduct has come under increased scrutiny at every turn. Officers don't want to be the next media case over a misdemeanor. Therefore it also comes as no surprise that violent crime in Los Angeles is up an astounding 40% since the passage of Prop 47 in November of 2014. Fewer arrests and incarcerations have translated into more crime.

So to recap: crime is up and arrests are down. Certainly a scary proposition.

So what should be done?

Governor Brown and the state legislature need to work together to amend Prop 47. Currently under Prop 47 criminal records are not counted or considered. As a result violent felons are getting out early and committing more crimes. Prop 47 needs to be amended so this does not happen. As of now gun theft is a misdemeanor. It should be made a felony. No wonder there are so many guns in the hands of criminals who are responsible for the increase in violent crime.

Restore felony status for property crime offenses. Maybe then we can get the burglary epidemic in southern California under control.

Prop 47 needs to be reformed now.

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Bob Cook
VP/General Manager, FOX 11

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