Premiere of 'Wonder' in Hollywood

Another night in Hollywood, another movie premiere! Except this time, the film carries a much needed message to #choosekind.

Fox 11 was on the White carpet tonight for the premiere of the Lionsgate film 'Wonder', starring: Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay, Mandy Patinkin, Daveed Diggs, and more!

Based on the New York Times Best Seller, this film teaches everyone not to judge a book by its cover. A story of kindness, courage, and compassion.

The stars of the film shared what it meant to be a part of this heart warming story, and if Owen Wilson's 2 young sons will give it the thumbs up? Also, ever "wonder" what the stars are doing next week for Thanksgiving? Well they share their holiday plans with us as well. Mandy Patinkin even shares his famous family stuffing recipe, Mr. Homeland does some home cooking!

Wonder comes to movie theaters nationwide, Friday November 17th. It's a film the whole family can enjoy!