Pregnant Beverly Hills Catholic School teacher stabbed 10 times in carjacking

It was horrible, animalistic, vicious -- some of the words being used to describe a stabbing attack on a Beverly Hills Catholic School teacher.

The woman, who is pregnant, was, according to her husband, stabbed 10 times.

"They surrounded her car and asked for her phone and she said 'why do you need my phone.' Then they attacked her and pulled her out of the car," said her husband. "She got stabbed over 10 times. One of those stab wounds punctured her lung. She lost her four front teeth and she doesn't feel her hand because she tried to protect herself when they were stabbing her. She got deep cuts."

The attack was vicious. The assailants stabbed her in the face and mouth and, as she tried to run away, they stabbed her in the back. Police described the attack as animalistic. And, the scene immediately after as "crazy."

The suspects grabbed the woman's car, crashed into other cars on the side of the road and then hit a Toyota head-on. They fled that car and got into another that was waiting for them.

There are so many questions the husband can't answer as his wife lies in a hospital.

"Why would three grown-up men attack a 5-foot tall pregnant woman and stab her 10 times in the back for who knows what? A phone? A car?" he said.

The investigation continues as does the search for, at least, one suspect after police took two into custody.