Police seek suspect in tire-slashing spree in Van Nuys neighborhood

Barbara Dodd Remsen has lived on Mammoth Avenue in Van Nuys since 1961 and has never seen anything like what she saw when she woke up Monday morning.

Up and down the street and on a couple of nearby streets, tires were slashed. All on one side of the street and only on the left side of the cars.

Why someone went on a tire-slashing rampage is anyone's guess. Police don't have a clue - yet. They have video from a neighborhood security camera but say the video is grainy. They're enhancing it hoping to get a good image of the suspect.

Meanwhile, neighbors are miffed.

"I don't know why someone would do something like this," Remsen told FOX 11.

Sean Rackerby, who woke up to find who of his tires slashed, thinks it's "terrible." Resident Lily Shlyakman also had two tires slashed on her blue Toyota Camry.

"We were just like, 'whoa, what's going on," she said.

For Shlyakman and her dad, it was a double "whoa" because the vandal got the tires on her dad's car too.

But like everyone we talked with, the tire slashing has made neighbors feel nervous. It's made Ware feel, "a little insecure."

"It does because you don't know whose roaming around at night."

Police have not yet released a suspect description. Investigators just know it's a male.

As for Rackerby, he says "I don't know what they're thinking. It's terrible. Another neighbor went to work and she couldn't. They got all four of her tires."

Remsen was puzzled. The tires on her daughter's car were slashed. Has she ever seen anything like this before?

"Never, and I've been in this house since 1961. Never seen anything like this."

Meanwhile, Shlyakman says she'll be looking over her shoulder a little more and maybe even put cameras outside the house because what's happened has scared her.

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