Point of View: Law Enforcement, Sergeant Steve Owen

Almost all of us at some time in our lives will need the help of law enforcement. They are there for us so we should be there for them. It is so important to always remember that they risk their lives for us. A routine call could be their last.

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The sad senseless case of Steve Owen says it all. This 29-year veteran of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department was just doing his job when he responded to what seem like a routine burglary call. In fact, it was definitely not the case. While Sergeant Owen was checking the burglary location for clues, the suspect came out of nowhere and shot him. In a blink of an eye, Sergeant Owen was dead. What a terrible loss.

Sergeant Owen was well known in the Antelope Valley where he patrolled as both compassionate and brave. He would go out of his way on his own time to mentor criminals in an effort to better their lives. At the same time, he was a true hero in every sense of the word. Sergeant Owen received the Medal of Valor from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department for freeing a hostage held by an armed gunman. He could have had a desk job, but instead he wanted to work the streets… He cared. He gave his life for us.

There are many in law enforcement like Steve Owen. Without them there would be chaos. How many of us could or even would want to do their job. We hear so much negativity about police officers. There does not seem to be any balance… I for one appreciate and thank our law enforcement community for protecting us. They risk their lives to make our lives better.

That is something we should never forget.

Thanks for listening.

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Bob Cook
VP and General Manager, FOX 11