PHOTOS: Fire department showcases babies

How amazing is this? These adorable little bundles are children of firefighters at the Durant Fire Department in Oklahoma.

Six members of the department were fathers to newborns. All babies were born between February and June 2016. Rather than make a traditional Christmas card showing the crew posing in front of the firehouse, the 33-person department decided to send out photos showcasing what is truly near and dear to them -- their family, according to Fireman Richard Parker, who took the photos.

Parker wrote: "In a fire department there are so many things that make up the dynamic of an engine crew, certain shift, or even the department as a whole. Training, shift duties, trauma, medical calls, wrecks, rescues, structure fires and brush fires are some of the many things that fire departments are called to do and in many cases, tend to define who they are as a fire department. However, if you ask many of the fire fighters in Durant, OK what defines them; they will say brotherhood and family."

The DFD posed the babies around the firehouse, and the result was obvious: social media stardom.