Phone Records Sought In Fatal Malibu Crash Involving Bruce Jenner

The sheriff's office released the name at midday, after tabloid reports revealed her name as disclosed by neighbors.

The coroner's office would only officially say the victim was 69, a female, and that family notifications were continuing.

Traffic was flowing normally today at the crash scene, in front of a campground at Latigo Beach. Sheriff's deputies began to collect cellphone records to determine why a tabloid freelance photographer was at the point of impact at the grinding crash on Pacific Coast Highway Saturday.

Howe was killed, and five children and one adult were hurt, in a crash that is being investigated as possibly paparazzi related.

Jenner was being tailed by freelance photographers as his Cadillac Escalade smashed into the Lexus, which had just hit a car that had slowed or stopped for what deputies called "unclear'' reasons.