Pentagon confirms recently released video of pyramid-shaped UFOs near San Diego is authentic

Government officials have confirmed that a recently released video showing triangular objects flying off the coast of San Diego is real, prompting a plethora of questions. 

"Who are they, where are they from, and what is their intent?" asked LA-based investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who published the video online. It was captured by the Navy in July 2019, and shows the pyramid-shaped aircraft flying over the U.S. warship USS Russell. 

"UFOs are real - they’re flying with impunity within our restricted airspace. We have pilots and people of high credibility that are engaging them and on a more frequent level than ever before," said Corbell. "They represent an advanced and sophisticated technology, and it’s a technology that requires scientific scrutiny and study."

The video is part of a recent ‘data dump’ by Corbell and his long-time collaborator, Nevada-based investigative reporter George Knapp. Some pictures taken by a pilot in March of 2019 show what appear to be three different UFOs, which stayed stationary in high winds. The website reports that the aircraft didn’t behave like any drones or balloons known to the U.S. military. Two of them have since been dubbed the "Metalic Blimp" and "The Sphere." 

Other pictures taken from a Navy ship show what appears to be a UFO seamlessly traveling through air and water.

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"The astonishing thing about it was its trans-medium characteristic, meaning it was able to breach or penetrate the air to sea barrier without distraction. We don’t have vehicles that can do that at high velocity where it can go from flying to into the water," Corbell said. He says he wants to broaden and de-stigmatize the conversation about UFOs and also demand transparency from the government. 

"The American people deserve to know, we have the right to know, and we have the duty to find out. I believe that it’s part of our mandate for our government to be transparent to the citizens of the United States and the world at large," Corbell said. 

"Hopefully what we’re seeing is an openesss. It’s a new day, a new era where people understand UFOs are real and they demonstrate a technology that is not yet understood how to replicate, and if that’s the case, that’s where the big questions come in."

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