Parents concerned by fist fights posted on social media

By Ramona Schindelheim, Managing Editor

Parents in West Covina are not happy with something they've seen on social media - disturbing cell phone videos of fist fights involving teens believed to be from a local middle school and a high school.

At least one parent called the West Covina Unified School District Friday to express their concern, partly because it looks like the videos were shot on school properties or in parks near the schools.

The District's superintendent, Dr. Charles Hinman, tells FOX 11 News that the parent called and directed them to an Instagram account published under the name WESTBOVINA. (Editor's note: the account has since been removed)

There, the superintendent saw videos of teens fighting, punching people in the head, even knocking one young man to the ground, all while other teens recorded it on their cell phones.

Superintendent Hinman told FOX 11 News: "We just started our investigation today after hearing from a parent. We immediately called law enforcement to report what we saw on Instagram. We'll be working with police to identify the students. Even if the fights didn't happen on school property, we will bring in the students and their parents to discuss the matter and decide what to do next."

In addition to the alleged West Covina students, there are videos on the Instagram account of fights believed to have taken place in other cities.

One striking video shows a woman fighting with another woman. In the end, she swings a puppy at the woman, striking her. The dog was unharmed. Police believe the video was shot Monday in Camden, New Jersey.

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