Out-of-control pickup truck in busy Huntington Park street caught on video

A terrifying scene unfolded on a Sunday afternoon in Huntington Park. A witness recorded an out of control pickup truck barreling through the intersection of Wilmington and Gage Avenue.

"It was shocking," said Kam Bijari. He manages Plaza Americana where security cameras captured the entire incident on video.

It started just after 12:30 p.m. You can see a green pickup truck driven by an elderly man enter the intersection and rear end a white SUV that was parked.

"He rear ends one car...Then his feet is on the gas pedal it is smoking... He wakes up... panics, puts the car in reverse... Doesn't know what he's doing...goes reverse into our front parking hits two cars." Bijari said.

The white SUV is owned by Jonathan Hernandez's father-in-law.

"Nobody miraculously got hurt and it's just amazing," said Hernandez.

The clothing store owner was outside helping customers when he saw the crash unfold. After the pickup smashed into his father-in-law's truck the video shows it going into reverse right into the shopping center. But the ordeal wasn't finished yet.

"Here he comes back around again... Nearly hitting us again as he came again... Swung around and went into some oncoming traffic and just plowed right into my father-in-law's car and that's where he finally stopped, " Said Hernandez.

Witnesses ran to help except for one guy who is seen on video punching the driver through the window. A security guard was able to contain the situation before paramedics and police arrived.

"He saw that the driver was trying to put his car into gear to take off again and that's when the guard took out the key from the ignition," said Bijari.

Meanwhile, Hernandez says he ran to help and saw the driver bleeding from his nose and mouth area.

"To know that his damages were caused because somebody was that furious and jumped in the car, not try to help him but punch him because they were furious."

Police identified the driver as 75-year-old Jose Landazure. They say alcohol was ruled out as a factor, but they are continuing to investigate the cause of crash. So far the driver has not been cited.